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Heavy Duty & Specialty Staplers

No stapling job is too difficult. The most daunting, complicated stapling projects are all in a day’s work with Swingline Heavy Duty and Speciality Staplers. Heavy duty staplers power through 100+ sheets with ease and feature ergonomic handles to make the manual operation more comfortable. Specialty staplers make even the most unique stapling a stress-free experience with designs to meet specific needs such as industrial use or booklet fastening.


Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper)
Pack Quantity
Staple Compatibility
Price Range
SKU: S7039002

Swingline® Heavy Duty Stapler, 160 Sheets, Platinum

Price  $39.00
SKU: S7039005

Swingline® Heavy Duty Stapler, 160 Sheets, Black/Gray

Price  $39.00
SKU: S7029950

Swingline® Premium Hand Stapler, 20 Sheets, Black

Price  $23.00
SKU: S7034121

Swingline® Long Reach Stapler, 12" Reach, 20 Sheets, Black

Price  $43.00