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Electric Staplers

Electric staplers get things moving. High-volume stapling demands the speed and convenience that only an electric stapler can offer. Swingline electric staplers feature automatic, precision oriented operation that makes even large stapling jobs an effortless task. Our full selection ranges from cartridge models that allow you to staple 5,000 times without reloading to everyday electric staplers that specialize in knocking out standard capacity jobs in record time.


Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper)
Pack Quantity
Staple Compatibility
Price Range
SKU: S7006701

Swingline® Commercial Electric Stapler, 20 Sheets, Black

Price  $190.00
SKU: S7048200

Swingline® Portable Electric Stapler, 20 Sheets, Black

Price  $69.00
SKU: S7048210

Swingline® Optima® 70 Electric Stapler, 70 Sheets, Silver

Price  $245.00
SKU: S7048208

Swingline® Optima® 20 Electric Stapler, 20 Sheets, Silver

Price  $59.00