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Our Story


Swingline brings decades of industry expertise and a dedication to quality to the creation of the first top-loading stapler. After revolutionizing the stapling industry, Swingline continues the tradition of making high-quality, reliable products designed for a dynamic world. You can count on long-lasting performance from all our Swingline office products.


At Swingline, we believe in the power of personal achievement. Our innovative products are designed to make you more productive, efficient and successful in the workplace.

We deliver strength and stability combined with a sense of purpose and action. Going beyond stapling, you’ll discover unsurpassed quality in all our office products with daring engineering and progressive technology.

Iconic Designs

At the cornerstone of almost every modern office is the iconic Swingline stapler. The easily recognizable design and logo is a symbol of long-lasting service. To this day, a Swingline stapler can be seen across homes and offices as the reliable choice for everyday stapling.

The aesthetic has evolved slowly over the years, but the Swingline tenets of quality, durability and innovation remain the same.