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There is much more to organizing than making sure there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. You need to make sure your important paperwork whether for your job or you personally are protected and easy to access.

Shred what you don’t need
Make sure you shred everything with any personal, client and confidential information. Documents lying around the home and workplace are the most likely candidates. No wonder, since 53% of sensitive information is left in common areas in the workplace.

Store common documents smarter
For those materials that many people need to access centrally throughout the day, try storing them in locking ring binders. It will discourage anyone from easily taking them and they won’t accidentally fall out. Make sure you lock the binders up at night and put them out in the morning for added protection.


Laminate key and frequently used items
Keep a laminated list of all of your key personal numbers (bank account, social security, phone numbers, etc.) and important work information for anything you would need if disaster struck locked up in a separate location. Even though more and more organizations have disaster preparedness plans, it usually doesn’t include your personal information. Remember to protect documents that you use often too. By laminating them you can use them again and again without fear of damage and the added thickness from lamination makes them easier to find on your desk or bag.


Memories count as vital records
It is devastating to lose years worth of photographs, business awards, or notes from students, but you can take some preventative measures to protect your beloved memories, as well. If you are computer savvy, think about scanning your photos and storing them on a CD-ROM or flash drive. You can do the same thing with physical objects. Take photos of your most beloved possessions, copy your favorite correspondence, laminate them and stash them all away in a fire safe box.



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