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What motivates your staff? A job well done, flex-hours, vacations, bonuses? It’s important to know why your staff comes to work, and what they find satisfying about their work.

1. Know your Motivation

• Invest time in educating staff on how they impact your organization, their staff/students and the final product. When individuals can see how they fit in the larger picture, they better understand their value.

• Set limits and give praise. Everyone needs praise. Positive reinforcement works to build a greater sense of worth. When praise is overlooked, your employees will seek out other pleasurable workplace distractions. Still, you should explain what the consequences are for not following the rules.

2. Enable Success

• Productive employees need to have a place they can consider “theirs.”

• Don’t skimp on the supplies. In challenging times it is easy to make do with the bare minimum. Many times cuts on the basics often turn into road blocks for staff in the long run.

• Ergonometric and improved equipment keeps business healthy and humming. Keep your staff healthy by reducing stress injuries and accidents with ergonometric tools.

• Get some up to date, more efficient equipment and watch how their productivity and attitude soar.

3. From Start to Finish

• Good employees want to complete their tasks. When projects are yanked or given to others to finish off, staff members can feel confused and irked. If projects have to be transferred to other staff, be sure to use the opportunity to explain why and how this will impact the outcome.

• Treat everyone fairly by keeping communication lines open. Managers can develop a sense of ownership among staff by reminding everyone how they fit into the “Big Picture.” This can easily be accomplished by sharing the final product when it is complete.

4. Get Happy

• The easiest way to have a productive staff is to have a happy staff. Cheerful people solve problems, complain less, are more creative, learn more easily, get sick less, and work better with others.

• While personal happiness often falls upon the individual, employers can increase the satisfaction of staff by leading by example and working on their own positive attitude.

• Remember to provide opportunities for growth and development. It’s one sure way to make them work harder with a smile, because they will personally benefit from their efforts.

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