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Reality is that your information is more susceptible to theft than ever. Consider your company’s information – whether corporate information, employee record or other sensitive information – these are a valuable commodity in today’s environment. Security measures need to match that level of importance, which is why you should take steps to protect your organization.

It’s important to put together a security plan that includes the proper storage and shredding of the materials you no longer need. While this may seem daunting, once implemented, your plan will become a routine and manageable part of the workday. The key is knowing what information you have and either locking it up or shredding it.

Below are simple steps for information security:

• Lock Up Materials

    o Use laptop locks – the cost of a lost laptop averages $50,000

    o Keep office doors,classrooms, and cabinets locked when not in use or at the end of the day

    o Use a locking ring binder so stored information stays in place – 49% of data breaches are due to unsecured paper documents

    o Whenever you leave your desk, find secure storage for:

       • Confidential documents

       • CDS, floppy disks, zip drives and tapes

       • Password cheat sheets

       • File cabinet keys


• Shred Materials

    o Shred any items you no longer need daily

    o Clean printer areas at the end of each day and shred any confidential information

    o Use a password protected screen saver after 15 minutes of non-use

    o Never share your passwords

    o If you ship sensitive information, encrypt the information and keep an inventory of what you are sending. Use a shipping service that allows you to track the package en route

    o Notify security if visitors do not have a badge

    o Remove unclaimed documents from printers and faxes every few hours

    o Properly wipe information from hard drives and reclaim information before issuing a computer to a new employee, or securely destroy the computer and its hard disk or flash drive


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