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The average person’s day can be inundated with a laundry list of workplace and personal to-dos. Combine that with the fact that many workloads have expanded due to two-thirds of workforces cutting resources in 2009, and things can really get stressful. Fewer workers feel they are truly productive day in and day out.

Employees often spend as much time thinking about how to complete a task as actually making it happen. What if some simple changes could give your day a sense of productivity, order and accomplishment?

With this challenging economy, it is so important that everyone learn to work efficiently to meet goals and expectations. Most would agree that an organized and efficient workspace is essential for productivity and maintaining high morale. Having the right tools and assets makes this type of workspace achievable. Here are key tips to improve productivity at work:

1. Get organized. Consider beginning each day by establishing goals on a planner or whiteboard. Make it a priority to accomplish those at the very least.

2. Load up your tool belt. Consider keeping tools you use most often at your desk and easily accessible. And store them in the same place over and over to avoid scrounging each time they are required for use.

3. Get the tools you need. Not everyone can get by with just a stapler and notebook. Consider putting items such as a personal shredder or a hole-punch near your desk if they make things run smoother.

4. Get comfy. A variety of ergonomic office tools and desk arrangements are available. It is hard to stay focused on work when minor discomforts continue to creep up.

5. Surround yourself with inspiration, not distraction. No need to scrap all the family photos, but consider keeping them organized in a single area. Keep your bulletin board current with the most immediate items you need to accomplish. Store materials that are no longer or rarely used in a binder or your file cabinet.

6. Get a second opinion. Take a few minutes to sit down at different desks or walk through a couple of classrooms. What feels good about them? Ask a colleague to do the same at your desk. Make the changes and see if you feel more at rest.

7. Keep it clean. Did you know the average office desktop has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? You can’t be productive if you are out sick. Start using items that are washable, like your keyboard, and keep some anti-bacterial wipes nearby to wipe off surfaces.

8. Beat the clock. Focus on completing a task rather than reaching a time goal before relaxing. Think, “finish the report” rather than “at 2 p.m.” as an accomplishment before grabbing a quick snack.

9. Make creativity easy. If you host a meeting at work or school, bring along items like an easel with paper or whiteboard so participants can visualize and learn better.

10. Continue to improve. Check out the other ACCO Brands articles in this section that offer even more tips to enhance productivity and organization.


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