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Sometimes there is nothing more worrisome than that looming deadline for a big project. As the final deadline date gets closer, your days get longer and more tiring as you try to get everything done on time. Worry no more. The following are a few simple steps to help you count down to that due date and keep your cool at the same time.


6. Work backward. Get a calendar and mark when your project absolutely has to be completed along with internal deadlines leading up to project completion. Consult with each co-worker who has a part in the project to determine their time requirements. Build some time into your schedule for others to provide information.

5. Eliminate clutter to stay organized. Gather all the paper lying around your work area in stacks or alone and “homeless” and put it in one or two piles with a large trash can next to you. Have a tray for paper to be filed, a tray for reading material and colored file folders to easily identify and find project files. As you embark on your project, have a To Do list pad or planner at your side..

4. Know what people want. A lot of time is saved when you know beforehand what the final product should be. If you have the needed information upfront, your project will move along more smoothly.

3. Maintain good relationships with others in your office as well as your vendors. They will help you when crunch time comes.

2. Keep your eye on the goal. Make the project you are working on a top priority. Shut out distractions. Let voicemail get that call. Put those other projects on hold.

1. After the project is completed, take a few minutes to think about what worked for you and what didn’t. What helped you meet your deadline? What would you do differently? Keep all this in mind as you move on to tackle the next challenge.


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