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Correct Positioning of Body Keep your wrist in neutral position as much as possible. A neutral position is when the hand is not cocked up or bent down. To understand what a neutral position is, hang your arm at your side and the wrist will naturally go into the neutral position. Throughout your various tasks of the day, strive to keep your wrist in this neutral position.

Strategies* to help your health when Stapling...

*Please note that these are general guidelines and may not work for everyone.
Suggestions should be adapted to your size and environment.

  • Have products close by you on the desktop to avoid excessive reaching
  • Avoid unnecessary twisting of posture when reaching for a work tool desk drawer, or phone etc.
  • Avoid any joint held for periods of time at either extreme of its range of motion
  • A common problem is working while leaning the torso forward or to the side. See Exhibit B for a suggested healthy posture.
  • Seating should be adjustable for your height with adequate lower back support
  • Use height and angle adjustable footrests when sitting for long periods
  • See Helpful Warm-up Exercises to do before beginning work and after lunch to get your muscles warmed up and ready for work.

Conserve Energy...

Exert force in ways that allow the most strength

  • Select products that are specifically designed to decrease pressure on the hand - like as the Swingline Optima™ Grip
  • Squeeze with the whole hand
  • Push forward with a bent arm
  • Push down with a bent arm
  • Pinch between fingers and thumb

Minimize Pressure on the hand

  • Keep as large a surface area of the stapler in contact with the hand as possible
  • Avoid pinch points, edges with small radii, etc.
  • Choose products that are right-sized and comfortably fit in your hand

May we suggest?

Swingline® OPTIMA™ Grip - handheld stapler designed to maximize comfort and performance. OR the Swingline® OPTIMA™ Desk - a desktop stapler designed for maximum durability and long-term performance.

Correct Use of Equipment...

Choosing the right products to achieve comfort and maximum efficiency and production is everything. Swingline staplers and paper punches improve office and workstation productivity with products designed for the way you work. Careful attention is paid to comfort, ease of use, high-tough surfaces and smaller footprints for less desktop space usage.

When speed and hands-free stapling is desired. Swingline® electric staplers accommodate any desktop of shared workspace need. Virtually effortless, these staplers do the work for you.

Swingline® SpeedGrip™ Electric - Compact design that supports true electric handheld use or go anywhere portability. Ergonomic, compact design and battery/plug-in options.

Swingline® SpeedPro™ Electric - Desktop electric stapler that combines style, performance and intuitive features. Features a built-in stapler remover and adjustable depth and alignment guides.

Swingline® S.F.4 Premium Staples - precision engineered staples with a chisel point that no other staple offers! The points of the staple are symmetrical which cut through the paper better and allow for easier penetration and less stapling effort. They also have 75% fewer misforms than competitive staples.

Swingline® Soft Grip Staple Remover - is a unique design with a soft-grip exterior for comfort and control while removing staples from documents. It cleanly extracts staples without damage to your documents.

Informative Ergonomic links
Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Standards (NIOSH)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Program Tips Page
University of California San Francisco/Berkeley

Please consider consulting your local professional ergonomist for optimum office ergonomics. If you're experiencing any discomfort, tingling or pain, please call your doctor. Thank you.

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