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Office Thefts


We all know the stapler as that office essential—much like pens, paper clips and water coolers. But for the average American office worker, it’s so much more. Desk jockeys all across the country covet this office item not only for its multiple uses (stapling paper being just one of them) but as an expression of their personality. A new survey conducted by Swingline reveals the stapling secrets—and stapling styles and personalities—of America’s office workers.

A majority of American desk workers (71 percent) have coveted the office supplies of another, saying they’d be likely to steal or “borrow” items such as pens and staplers from a coworker’s desk—or the supply closet! Staplers (21 percent) rank second only to pens (48 percent) as the most desirable office item among potential poachers.

So keep an eye on that stapler, and keep that shiny pen in your desk drawer or in your pocket!

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