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So you’ve switched to Compact Fluorescent bulbs and LCDs, are switching off powerstrips, and are using Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Great.

Here’s 5 ways to take the next step:

1. Shut down electronics at night
2. Re-think your lighting
3. Use technology for better meetings
4. Ditch the water cooler. Get a water filter.
5. Use refurbished equipment

Shut down electronics at night

A computer works approximately as hard to produce a screensaver as a spreadsheet or any other routine task. So shut ‘em down when you leave.

Come to the light

Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs is a good first step. But if you have windows in your workspace, consider re-arranging your cubicles or desks in a way that you can utilize free and healthy light from the sun. The longer the lights stay off, the less energy they use.

Use technology for better meetings

The advances in web-delivered software make it easier than ever to effectively network, meet, discuss and manage online. And with ever-increasing gas prices, it now makes more sense than ever to telecommute. We recommend products from—a fellow Chicago-area business—for group chat and project management software, delivered through your browser.

Ditch the water cooler. Get a water filter.

Water bottles—despite the fact that they are reusable—are less environmentally friendly than you might think: they eventually end up in the landfill. And while the cooler might be a great place to congregate, a water filter provides better quality water, without the need for electric power, and without wasteful plastic bottles.

Re-use equipment

If you can buy it new, you can buy it used. With a 20-30 percent savings on refurbished equipment—and 50% on used equipment—you can afford better quality infrastructure from potentially renewable supply chains. And on top of that, you’re saving something from heading to the landfill

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