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Most people consider a staple a semi-permanent way of fastening and look to tools such as paper clips for temporary fastening. But did you know that with many staplers you can create a temporary staple? It's easy and very useful.

What is a temporary staple? It's a staple that connects the sheets together but can be removed without using a remover or breaking a nail! You simply pull on one end of the staple leg and the staple easily slides out of its mess, no fuss.

Most staplers generally form a staple into a c-clinch...a straight line across the top sheet of paper and the legs pointing in towards each other under the bottom sheet. But if your stapler has a rotating anvil (that's the metal plate on the base of your stapler that folds the staple legs), just turn the anvil 180 degrees and the next time you staple, the legs will point away from each other, forming a straight line. Your staple will look as though you have pinned the pages together and, like a pin, the staple will be easy to remove from the sheets.

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