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When planning a self service copy center, think about what actions the users will want to perform in that area. You may even want to send a survey out to your employees to get their direct input. Some of the activities you will want to allow for include:


Copying Sending Information by fax or mail
Collating Cutting and Pasting
Constructing presentations Destroying/Eliminating
Writing Attaching/Detaching pages

Number of Users
Next, you'll want to determine how many users will need to utilize this room and how many will want to be working simultaneously. This count will allow you to estimate the quantity of equipment and supplies that will be required.

You should also consider the location of the copy center to ensure that it is central to the user community. Consider locating a mail center within or adjacent to the copy center to add to user convenience.

Necessary Items
An optimal copy center might be set up with the following items to best satisfy the users needs:

High Speed Copier: Whichever brand you choose, you will want to have a model that includes a finishing station, the part of the copier that allows you to staple, sort, and collate. You should also determine if you need to have a color copier available.

Printer: If your office's computers are linked via a network, you would want to locate the network printer in the copy center. This allows for easy transfer of documents from printer to copier when high speed copies are needed. You may also want to have a non-network cable available to allow laptop users, not connected to the company network, access to the printer.

Fax Capabilities: If the printer or copier is not fax enabled, placing the fax machine in the copy room improves efficiency.

Phone: While this might seem an odd addition to the copy center, it is logical in many ways. The phone is handy for when employees in the center need to respond to a page or run out of supplies or have questions on the projects which need input from someone else.

Big Workspace: One of the things that typifies a 'really good' copy center is the available counter space for processing work. The copy center is more than simply a room in which the copier is located; it is a processing center for documents and presentations. You should provide a minimum of 4 linear feet of workspace at counter height. The tools/supplies the user will require at this workspace should be stored handily nearby, but not on the workspace.

Supplies: There are 2 aspects to supplies that you need to take into account. The first is what the appropriate supplies are for your copy center. The second is the replenishment process you will use to ensure the copy center is always well stocked. Here is a list of the most commonly requested supplies for the copy center.

Paper clips: both standard and jumbo size
Binder clips: variety of sizes
Cover-up Tape/Fluid
Sticky notes
Transparent tape

Desktop Stapler: consider both manual and electric
Heavy Duty Stapler
Staples: both standard and high capacity
Staple remover

Paper cutter
Hole puncher: 2 and/or 3 hole depending on users needs

Envelopes: Interoffice, manila clasp, letterhead envelopes
Paper: Letterhead, white, colored, letter, legal, 11x17
Fax coversheets/labels

Garbage can
Recycle bin: for White paper, Color paper
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