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We all know the stapler as that office essential-much like pens, paper clips and water coolers, but for the average American office worker, it's so much more. Desk jockeys all across the country covet this office item not only for its multiple uses (stapling paper being just one of them), but as an expression of their personality. A new survey conducted by Swingline reveals the stapling secrets, styles and personalities of America's office workers.?

The survey asked a nationwide sample of American office workers how they use their stapler in an effort to better classify personality types. The groups were nearly equal between the aggressive stapler types, those who slam and grip the life out of their stapler (49 percent) to those who are much more careful and conservative in placing staples with perfection (51 percent).

In addition to discovering stapler personalities, the study revealed the versatility and desirability of the stapler. A majority of American desk workers (71 percent) have coveted the office supplies of another, saying they'd be likely to steal or "borrow" items such as pens and staplers from a coworker's desk-or the supply closet.

Staplers Are the Ultimate Substitute

Aggressive Stapler Personalities 49 percent of respondents Conservative Stapler Personalities 51 percent of respondents
Gripper - Squeeze the life out of their stapler Compressor - perfectly align the stapler with both hands
Slammer - Pound their stapler Slider - I let my electric stapler do the work

Perhaps staplers are so desirable because they have so many different uses. Nearly eight in ten office workers (77 percent) have used their staplers for something other than their intended function:

	            -  Paperweight (57 percent)
	            -  Hammer (25 percent)
	            -  Doorstop (10 percent)
	            -  Even a stress reliever (8 percent)

Strategic Stapling

Additionally, three out of ten women (30 percent) have resorted to using their stapler as a quick fix during a "wardrobe malfunction." One in five (20 percent) men have done the same.

Women Wish Away Weight

Nearly one in four (24 percent) female office workers wish they could staple their love handles away, compared to just 12 percent of men.

Most Are Slow And Steady.

When it comes to stapling, most Americans like to take it slow and get it right: more than two in five (41 percent) identify themselves as "Compressors" who take their time trying to get a perfectly aligned staple.

How The Older Half Staples.

Not surprisingly, it's the older set who take more care with their staples: nearly half (45 percent) of office workers ages 35 and over say they are Compressors, compared to just a third (33 percent) of the 18-34 set.

Gals Get A Grip.

Apparently, women like to manhandle their staplers. Almost one in three (31 percent) female office workers identify themselves as Grippers, compared to just 22 percent of men.

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