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SmarTech Auto Feed Shredders

Take data security to the next level with SmarTech™ technology. This new generation of Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™ auto feed shredders can talk to your phone. Simply download the app to enable real time updates on your shred jobs from virtually anywhere. While the shredder is hard at work automatically shredding your papers it will let you know how things are going, including when shredding is done or if the bin is full. SmarTech enabled shredders keep you up to date so you can focus elsewhere. 

It's Smart

Shredder's SmarTech™ functionality sends you status updates on each shredding job so you know your data is secure.

No IT Support Needed

SmarTech™ shredder setup is super easy. Download the app to your phone and walk up to the shredder. Once the devices are paired status updates on your shred jobs will be sent wirelessly to your phone. No help from the IT department needed!

Warranty + Service

Sit back and relax knowing that each SmarTech shredder is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Both the machine and cutters are covered against any defect. The 750X and 600X include 2 year onsite service. We’ll come to you.

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