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SmarTech™ Shredder FAQ


Q. What is SmarTech?

A. SmarTech allows our shredders to send notifications to users about the status of their auto feed shredding job.  They can receive confirmation the shredding job has been completed or status messages (such as bin full or paper jam).  This improves performance and productivity in the workplace, allowing users to spend less time at the shredder and not have to walk back to check on its status.

Q. How does SmarTech work?

A. It communicates from the shredder over the internet to a user’s smart phone or tablet to provide notification on their shredding job.

Q. Is it easy to use?

A. Yes - this app is designed to be easy to use and for you to  get notifications wherever you are, after a few simple setup steps the first time a shredder is used.

Q. Does it involve any complicated set up?

A.  No.  SmarTech works directly out of the box with Bluetooth -- no setup required.  Connecting to the internet over your wireless network takes a few extra steps.  Depending on your network security, an IT Administrator may need to perform these steps (see later questions).

Q. What should I do if I see the following icons lit on the status or notifications on?

A. Cooling

Nothing - the app is telling you that the shredder is cooling down.  After heavy use, the shredder will take additional time to protect itself and keep the motor in good condition.  During this time, the shredder is just paused; it will resume shredding, and your documents will remain locked if you set a lock code.  You will still receive a job complete notification after a brief delay.

Bin Full/ Door open

In order for the shredder to be able to start shredding again action needs to be taken.  Someone needs to go to the shredder and either empty the bin or close the door.

Low oil

This is telling you that the shredder will soon need oil.  The shredder will continue to function without oil, but may decrease the life of the machine.  Please ensure that you have oil to add to the shredder.  If you need additional oil, you can use the supply order page in the app to order some directly.


In order for the shredder to be able to start shredding again action needs to be taken.  Someone needs to go to the shredder and remove the paper jam.

Q. How can I tell that it is a SmarTech shredder?

A. There will be a SmarTech label attached to the shredder.  If you approach the shredder with a mobile device running the SmarTech app, the app will connect to the shredder automatically.

Q. What products will the app work with?

Auto Feed 300X, 600X, & 750X models enabled with SmarTech

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