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Personalized Staplers

The Swingline® Customizable Fashion Stapler is here to rescue you from desktop boredom. In coordination with Skinit®, Swingline now offers you the ability to create a personalized stapler that is truly your own. With practically infinite designs to choose from, your stapler can be customized to show off your style, your personality, your favorite things, anything that is YOU.

To create a unique personalized stapler, you can either choose a pre-made design from or upload an image to the site to have your skin created from scratch. Get your first skin totally free with the Skinit coupon that is included in the stapler package. Each stapler skin is custom made to perfectly fit the Swingline Customizable Fashion Stapler. The stapler skin is basically a sticker that is super simple to both apply and remove. The high-quality printing ensures that each skin will remain bright and glossy for years to come, but you can also replace the skin with a new one at anytime to keep your stapler in style by the season if you feel so inclined.

Looking for ideas? Top design categories include:

How to customize your stapler FREE of charge in three easy steps:

1. Visit
2. Enter the PIN number that was included with your Swingline Customizable Fashion Stapler
3. Choose a design or upload your own and enjoy!

PIN code is good for one free stapler skin from; skins arrive via mail.


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