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Enjoy your Stack-and-Shred™!

Swingline®, in conjunction with The Talk, is pleased to be able to offer you a Stack-and-Shred™ 100X Hands Free Shredder, absolutely free! A truly unique way to shred, the Stack-and-Shred allows you to insert a pile of papers and walk away. The shredder has an auto feed feature that allows it to automatically shred, eliminating the need for you to manually feed each sheet. We offer a full line of auto feed shredders to meet every need, from a home office to a large mailroom. Available in cross-cut or micro-cut there is sure to be a Stack-and-Shred shredder to match your secure shredding demands. With an autofeed shredder from Swingline shredding is as simple as Stack, Shut, Done.

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