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Laminator FAQ

Q. Why is the LCD screen blank?

A. Double check that the power cord is plugged in all the way and the laminator is turned on.

Q. Why are the rollers not running?

A. Double check that the power cord is plugged in all the way and the laminator is turned on.

Q. What do I do if I receive error code E1, E2, E3 or E4 on the LCD screen?

A. Contact consumer care at 1-800-541-0094.

Q. How can I prevent my lamination pouch from curling?

A. The pouch may curl if the temperature is too high or the speed is too slow. Use the manual setting selections to adjust the laminator accordingly.

Q. Why is my lamination pouch not sealing completely?

A. Increase the temperature of the machine.

Q. How can I make the pouch adhesion stronger?

A. If the pouch adhesion is weak, the laminator temperature might be too low or the speed is too fast. Use the manual setting selections to adjust the laminator accordingly. If using a 3 mil poucher or higher, it also best to laminate without a carrier.

Q. How do I know which laminator to choose?

A. The Easy to Select™ guide highlights the distinguishing factors of each Fusion laminator. First determine the approximate use for your laminator. How many people will be using it, and how often? Next, compare features to find the best machine for your needs.

Q. What items can I laminate with a Fusion machine?

A. Fusion pouch laminators are able to laminate paper up to 8.5” or 11” wide, depending on the model. For ideas on what to laminate, check out our 101 Things to Laminate guide.

Q. How do I know if the laminator is ready to use?

A. Swingline™ GBC® Fusion laminators have a visual ready alert and/or an audible ready alert. The ready light, in the form of a green checkmark, will be illuminated on the indicator panel. If the machine has an audible alert it will also beep when warm-up is complete.

Q. How do long do I have to wait before I can laminate a second document?

A. Do not insert a second pouch into the machine until the first document has fully emerged. As long as the ready light is green you can continue to laminate.

Q. How can I prevent the laminator from jamming?

A. The best way to prevent a jam is to follow the operating instructions in the product manual. Use a pouch that is of appropriate mil thickness for your laminator model, insert the pouch sealed edge first, and line it up with the indicators on the front of the machine.

Q. How do I clear a jammed or misfed pouch?

A. Refer to the product manual for detailed instructions.

The Fusion 5100L and 5000L with Intelligent™ Jam Auto Alert and Reverse will automatically detect a jam, beep to alert the user, and automatically reverse the jammed pouch.

The Fusion 3100L and 3000L with Intelligent™ Jam Alert will automatically detect jams and beep to alert the user. The 3100L features manual reverse. Press and hold the reverse button until the pouch completely reverses out of the machine. The 3000L features manual release. Press and hold the release button and pull the pouch toward you through the front of the laminator.

The Fusion 1100L has manual release. Press and hold the release button and pull the pouch toward you through the front of the laminator.

The Fusion 1000L does not feature assisted jam clearance. Instead, unplug the power cord and remove the pouch by pulling it toward you through the front of the laminator.

Q. How do I use Intelligent™ Pouch Thickness Detection on the Fusion 5100L and 5000L?

A. Choose Auto Pouch Select on the interactive menu. The laminator will measure the document and pouch thickness and automatically adjust to the best settings.

Q. How can I manually choose lamination settings on the Fusion 5100L and 5000L laminators?

A. Choose Manual Select on the interactive menu. Use the arrows to scroll up/down and left/right and press Enter to pick the settings you desire.

Q. How do I awaken the laminating machine after the Intelligent™ Power Off setting has been activated?

A. The laminator automatically stops heating and shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to wake up the machine, and wait for the laminator to reheat before using.  (Feature not available on 1000L)

Q. How do I clean the laminator?

A. Feed a cleaning card or blank sheet of paper (without pouch) through the laminator to clean the rollers and ensure best performance.  Always unplug the laminator before cleaning the exterior of the machine. Wipe it down with a damp cloth. Never use soap or detergent, and do not attempt to open the laminator.

Q. What kind of pouch do I use with my Fusion machine?

A. All Fusion laminators are compatible with thermal laminating pouches. The Fusion 5100L, 5000L, 3100L and 3000L also feature a cold setting and can laminate self-adhesive or pressure sensitive pouches in addition to thermal pouches.

Q. Do I have to use a Swingline™ GBC® laminating pouch with my Fusion machine?

A. No, but it is recommended for best results and performance. To simplify laminating, try EZUse™ pouches with alignment guides, mil thickness icons and directional arrows on every pouch that magically disappear after lamination.

Q. How do I know which mil thickness I need?

A. The thicker the film, the more rigid the end result will be. Mil thickness ranges from 1.5 mil to 10 mil.  Refer to your user manual to find out the maximum pouch thickness for your particular laminator.

Q. What is the best way to feed a laminating pouch into the machine?

A. Always feed the sealed edge into the laminator first. Indicators on the front of the machine help you accurately line up your pouch.

Q. Do I need to use a carrier?

A. A carrier is only needed when laminating 1.5 mil pouches, which are only compatible with the 5100L. Otherwise, Fusion laminating machines offer carrier-free operation.

Q. How can I prevent my finished documents from having air bubbles and/or looking cloudy?

A. Poor lamination results can occur for a number of reasons. Refer to your product manual and make sure that the mil thickness of your pouch is compatible with your particular machine. Make sure the laminator is on the correct setting for the pouch you are using. Also, be sure to let the machine fully warm-up before laminating. The laminator has not reached the correct temperature until the indicator light has turned green.

Q. Is it okay to run a laminated document through the machine a second time?

A. Yes. If you are unsure of mil thickness it is better to underestimate the laminator settings. You can send a laminated document though the machine a second time at a higher setting if the pouch did not seal properly.

Q. How can I improve my lamination results?

A. Clean the rollers regularly with a cleaning card. Remove each laminated document from the machine immediately, and lay it on a flat surface to cool down.

Q. How is a speed pouch different from a standard laminating pouch?

A. A speed pouch is sealed on the long edge, which allows it to run through the laminating machine faster than a standard pouch.

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of my product manual?

A. Navigate to the product detail page for your laminator model. Click on the “Resources” tab. You can all view and download all Swingline product manuals here. To request a manual by mail, contact consumer care at 1-800-541-0094.

Additional Recommendations

  • Before laminating unique or important documents, verify the lamination settings by laminating a similar test document first.
  • When placing a document inside a pouch, set it close to the sealed edge.
  • Before laminating, double check that you have the correct type and thickness of pouch for the item you wish to laminate.
  • Do not cut pouches prior to lamination. For smaller documents or a flush cut, trim the pouch after lamination is complete and the document has cooled.
  • Do not laminate items which are not paper based, and do not laminate any heat sensitive materials.
  • Do not leave the laminator unattended during lamination, and do not leave the machine on for extended periods of time.
  • Do not block the air vent slots as this will cause the machine to overheat.
  • Do not attempt to make any repairs to the machine. If you experience a problem, contact consumer care at 1-800-541-0094. 
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