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Stapler & Staples FAQ

Q. How many sheets of paper can I staple?

A. On average, a desktop stapler can fasten up to 20 sheets at a time.  Refer to the product manual for the exact sheet capacity of your stapler model.

Q. How can I use the tacking ability of my stapler?

A. Hold the base firmly in one hand and pull back the top of the stapler, including the staple tray, to open it for tacking. Other models include a silver tab on the bottom of the stapler, toward the back. Press down on it and the stapler will automatically pop open enabling to use it to tack up papers. Be careful to keep fingers away from the staple ejection gap to prevent injury. Note: This feature is only available on select desktop models.

Q. Why does my battery operated electric stapler keep stalling?

A. It may be time to replace the batteries. Refer to product manual for the correct battery type. Do not mix old and new batteries.

Q. How do I clear a jammed stapler?

A. Open the staple tray and empty out the good staples. Using tweezers, needle-nose pliers or similar tool carefully pull out the jammed staple. The staple may break while it is being removed in which case you will need to repeat to remove each piece of the jammed staple.

Q. How can I avoid jamming a stapler?

A. The best way to avoid jams is to use only the recommended staple type and size, and to not staple above the stated sheet capacity. Select Swingline staplers are Jam Free Guaranteed when used within these guidelines and according to the instructions. Refer to the product manual and warranty card for more information.

Q. Do all staplers load the same way?

A. No.  Swingline staplers include top load, front load and back load models. Top load allows you to open the top of the stapler to drop in a strip of staples. Front load staplers have a staple magazine that pops open from the front end of the stapler. Back load models have a staple tray that extends from the back end of the stapler. Refer to the product manual to determine your stapler’s loading type.

Q. How do I load staples in a top load stapler?

A. Hold the base of the stapler in place. Pull the top of the stapler until it lifts and the staple tray is revealed. Insert the recommended staples legs first. To close, push the stapler top down until it clicks into place.

Q. How do I load staples in a back load stapler?

A. Press down the button at the back end of the stapler. The stapler tray will pop out slightly. Holding the base of the stapler steady, pull hard on the staple tray until it is fully extended. Insert the recommended staples legs first.  Push the stapler tray in to close.

Q. How do I load staples in a front load or QuickLoad™ stapler?

A. Before loading for the first time, you will need to remove the small piece of tape covering the front of the staple magazine. Press the button at the back of the stapler to release the magazine. Pull the magazine out and load staples legs first. To close, push the magazine in and it will click into place.

Q. Where can I find staples for my Swingline stapler?

A. Swingline staplers are designed to be used with Swingline brand staples. You can purchase staples from your local office supply store or from our website.

Q. Can I use standard staples in a Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler?

A. No. Swingline Heavy Duty Staplers require heavy duty staples. Heavy duty staples come in a variety of leg lengths. Refer to the product manual to find out which staple sizes are compatible with your model.

Q. What is the difference between the Swingline S.F. 3® and S.F. 4® Premium Staples?

A. S.F.3 staples come in half strips of 105 staples to specifically fit the staple tray capacity of Swingline compact staplers. The S.F. 4 staples can also be used in a compact stapler, but are intended for full strip staplers as each strip has a staple count of 210. To use with a compact stapler, gently break the strip in half.

Q. What is the difference between Swingline Standard Staples and Swingline Premium Staples?

A. Swingline S.F. 3® and S.F. 4® Premium Staples are the highest quality standard-size staples. They are made with a minimum 135,000 PSI wire for greater tensile strength and are chisel pointed for easier paper penetration.

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of my product manual?

A. Navigate to the product detail page for your stapler model. Click on the “Resources” tab to download the product manual. You can also contact consumer care at 1-800-541-0094 to request a manual by mail.

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