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GBC ProClick Pronto Spine Cassettes

GBC ProClick Pronto Spine Cassettes



This Bundle Includes

About This Product

Speed, economy and ease of use make ProClick Pronto Spine Cassettes a great choice. They give you maximum flexibility and convenience. Pre-loaded cassettes are designed for fast, efficient binding, and ProClick spines are easy to open and edit.


  • Designed to work with highly productive GBC ProClick Pronto P2000 and ProClick Pronto P3000 binding machines
  • Sleek black spines provide a professional image for any project or presentation
  • Editable spines are easy to open using a tool, pen or even a finger and are equally easy to close
  • Spines allow for 360 degree page-turning – designed for easy reading and photocopying
  • 1/2” diameter spine size with 80 page capacity is perfect for small projects
  • 20 spines per cassette; 5 cassettes per box



  • UPC: 033816055490
  • Binding: ProClick
  • Detailed Color: Black
  • Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper): 85
  • Spine Size: 1/2"
  • Warranty: None
  • Country of origin: Taiwan


Case studies

  • Perfect Binding, Pronto!

    ProClick Pronto Spine Cassettes put the power of high-efficiency, highly versatile binding at your fingertips. A total of 100 spines, with 20 spines per cassette and five cassettes per box, ensures productivity. While ProClick spines can be opened and closed by hand, these cassettes use volume to maximize the efficiency of binding machines, allowing the kind of high productivity demanded by busy print shops and corporate offices.

  • Professional ProClick Powers Everyday Efficiency

    Trust your important projects to ProClick. They're machine-compatible, but can easily be opened by hand to add or remove pages. ProClick gives you the professionalism of a sleek, sturdy binding, while giving you the flexibility to edit contents. Spines are easy to open and close, using a pen, an editing tool, or even just a finger.

  • Better Binding Alternatives Brought to You By the Best

    Professional binding provides extra support for your important projects. Images speak louder than words, and nothing says 'professional' like a perfectly bound presentation. GBC knows this, and with more than 70 years of experience and innovation behind our binding products, we're sure to have the products to make your message heard.

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