SmartTouch provides smooth and quiet stapling performance at every sheet count; it is never loud or disruptive. The reduced effort design makes stapling twice as easy, plus SmartTouch fastens up to 25 sheets at once which is 25% more than comparable staplers.

  • Smooth and quiet stapling operation
  • Low force, reduced effort design makes SmartTouch up to 50% easier to use than traditional staplers
  • Full strip with ergonomic design and soft-touch accents
  • QuickLoad™ front magazine for fast and easy staple refilling
  • 25 sheet stapling capacity using S.F.® 4® premium staples
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • UPC: 074711665278
  • Detailed Color: Silver/Gray
  • Material: Metal
  • Performance Guarantee: No
  • Period of Warranty: Limited 1-year
  • Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper): 25
  • Staple Capacity: 210
  • Staple Leg Length: 1/4"
  • Stapler Size: Full Strip
  • Tacking Ability: No

The SmartTouch succeeds in making stapling twice as easy. In comparison to standard staplers, this reduced effort model requires up to 50% less manual force. With just a single touch you can staple up to 25 sheets of paper. Smooth and quiet, the low force design helps you to move swiftly through your work without any strain or disruption. Ideal for everyday stapling, the SmartTouch features durable metal construction to ensure long-lasting performance. The sleek and stylish shape is ergonomic and soft touch accents are included to help make the stapler feel more comfortable in your hand. Easy to use, the SmartTouch stapler has a QuickLoad push button. Do not waste anymore time fiddling with the stapler top. The QuickLoad staple tray pops out from the front of the stapler to make it easier to refill. Use with Swingline Premium Staples is recommended.

Increase stapling simplicity and give yourself a break with a reduced effort stapler. All it takes is one smart touch to power through as many as 25 sheets. Choose the color the complements your style, and start stapling more often with less effort.

Swingline® SmartTouch™ Stapler, Reduced Effort, 25 Sheets, Silver/Gray
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