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Juggling Work/Life Balance

Before you read this, check your phone. More than likely, you have your company email on your personal phone or are using a company-given phone. Trends in technology have meant that the separation from work and a personal life has skewed. Add in the possibility of being in contact with coworkers globally and suddenly your personal life has to take a backseat to your work. Does it have to, though? Let’s start with email. Yes, your coworker or manager may send out an email at 9:30 PM or 3:00 AM.  Do you have to answer it that very second? Not necessarily, depending on your role. If someone deems their email as a priority, you should be able to respond to it when you start your work day rather than while you are off. Setting certain times when you aren’t glued to the company laptop or handheld device shows that you are in control of your work. Moving from email to the actual office, telecommuting can be a great way to balance work and extra activities. Setting up a home office helps to reduce the stress of commuting to and from work. Telecommuting is something that would have to be discussed […]

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Iconic Red Stapler

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Some things never go out of style. Jazz up your desk with this American original. The iconic Swingline® red stapler is a legend in performance, strength and reliability. The metal construction is jam-resistant and can staple up to 20 sheets with ease. Make your desk or cubicle the main attraction with this classic red stapler.

This is hot stuff

Beats a light saber

Shhh! I’m hiding!

Red slays the beast

Red rocks the office

Surfin’ with Red

Sweet Home Chicago

King of the forest

Hangin’ at Superdawg

Cruizin’ with Red

Red snapper

Ahhh! The good life.

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